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The orgeade syrup by Le Lab is a perfectly balanced syrup that will give a sweet and velvety almond and orange blossom taste to your mixed favourites such as the Mauresque or the Maï Taï.

Contains 100% natural ingredients: Sugar, water, almond milk, almonds, orange blossom and spices

No conservative agents or coloring.


This syrup has been created and manufactured in Quebec under the banner “Les Secrets du Comptoir”, by the Lab’s Labtenders, using 100% natural ingredients. No additives, artificial colors or preservatives. Hand crafted, in small batches, this syrup will complete your cocktails and can also be used in the kitchen in your favourite recipes.


Classic Maï Taï
1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz Lab Orgeat syrup
1/2 oz Cointreau
3/4 oz brown rum (Appleton V/X or 12 year)
3/4 oz agricultural rum (St-James amber or white)

Pour all ingredients into a glass and add a scoop full of ice. Mix with the aid of a spoon or a swizzle stick. Add more ice to fill the glass.
Garnish : Insert a straw, decorate and enjoy.

Created by : Gabrielle Panaccio, from the Lab, comptoir à cocktails

1 part Lab Orgeat syrup
1 part Pastis (Ricard / Pernod)
Cold water

Put the Pastis ( Ricard/Pernod) and the Lab Orgeat syrup directly into a Collins glass and top with cold water.

Created by : Gabrielle Panaccio, from the Lab, comptoir à cocktails, March 2014

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Weight 2.3 kg / 5.06 lb
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 28.5 cm (W x D x H)
2.36 x 2.36 x 11.22 inches (W x D x H)

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