Model Eleven Wine System – Coravin


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The Model Eleven is the first automatic and connected wine preservation system. Connect it to the Coravin Moments app to take advantage of additional controls, including choice of service speed, system status checks and reminders for when to change capsules. The Model Eleven is the ultimate innovation in the world of wine technology. This pack includes a full set of premium accessories for a unique Coravin experience.

Package contents:

– Coravin Model Eleven (standard needle included)

The Model Eleven wine preservation system is equipped with an automatic tilt serving system, Bluetooth connectivity and an interactive LED display.

– Three Coravin ™ capsules

Coravin Pure ™ capsules are filled with pure argon. They are manufactured and inspected in order to guarantee an optimal level of preservation, without any impact on the quality of your wine.

– Aerator

The Coravin aerator creates small streams of wine during service and quickly aerates the wine to produce results equivalent to those obtained after 60 to 90 minutes of decanting.

– Coravin Quick Start Guide

– Coravin ™ bottle handle + Travel cover

The Coravin system is the dream tool for restaurateurs who want to offer a unique selection of wine by the glass:

– Serve your finest wines and increase your sales, glass after glass.
– Create selections and vertical tastings of your best wines to the delight of your guests.
– Offer “half-bottles” in your menu to satisfy even the most selective palates.
– Serve any magnum from around the world and offer a unique experience at the table or at the bar.
– Combine dishes and wines according to your guests to offer a unique taste experience.

The Coravin system is also a real asset to promotional agents, offering your customers the luxury of being able to “taste before you buy”:

– Make the most of your sample budget by minimizing your losses, since opened bottles keep much longer than with other preservation systems.
– Educate your customers by serving them samples of several vintages, vintages or regions.
– Give them the opportunity to taste before they buy.
– Instantly personalize your tastings according to customers.

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