MaraX espresso machine – Lelit

Model: LEPL62X/120

Brand Lelit

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MaraX is an E-61 group machine with automatic temperature control of extraction so that everyone can extract the perfect espresso.



It measures brewing pressure


Machine customisation

When using MaraX there is no need to worry about
brewing temperature: thanks to the configuration
switches you can choose both the mode of use and
the preferred extraction temperature, warm, hot
or extra hot, to obtain the perfect drink.




It has an easily accessible water

The new etched water tank makes refilling and
cleaning comfortable and easy thanks to its
completely open top. It is equipped with markers
that help you memorize the number of fillings in
order to easily monitor the replacement of the
filter cartridge.

Satin-finish construction

MaraX’s design is coupled with an excellent build
quality as a result of its brushed stainless-steel
body, its drain tray and cup warmer complete with
a self-cleaning grate.




Power saving

MaraX comes equipped with a sophisticated power
saving system that reduces the pressure in the
steam boiler when not in use for 30 minutes or
more. This means saving a lot of power and
eliminating unnecessary waste. The warm-up time
once the machine is turned on is only 24 minutes.



Accessories included

MaraX comes with a LELIT58 inclined
portafilter, a ‘coffee slide’ spout, a LELIT58
filter for 9-11 grams, a LELIT58 filter for 14-
18 grams, a LELIT58 filter for 18-21 grams,
a LELIT58 blind filter, a rack for espresso
cups, a water resin filter, a drain tray with
self-cleaning grate, a LELIT58 stainless steel
tamper with a red wooden handle, a plastic
spoon for coffee powder, a small brush for
group cleaning and the first cleaning kit.


Technical setup
MaraX knows how to professionally adapt to diverse working conditions and different
user requirements.
• Boiler with 1.8 litre capacity
• Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger
• E61-type group with mechanical pre-infusion
• Heating of group sped up by thermosyphon circulation through double probe HX
system (Patent pending)
• Spring-loaded professional taps
• Pressure gauge zero adjustment
• Stainless steel backlit On / Off switch
• Machine in heating LED and/or machine is ready LED
• No water in tank LED and/or tank not correctly inserted LED
• Water tank with a 2.5 L capacity
• Boiler heating element: 1300W
• Power: 230V 50 Hz – 120V 60Hz
All Lelit machines are designed and produced in Italy



Additional information

Weight18 kg / 39.60 lb
Dimensions22 × 41 × 35 cm (W x D x H)
8.66 x 16.14 x 13.78 inches (W x D x H)

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