Hibiscus flowers in syrup – Wild Hibiscus

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Brand Vinum

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One of the most unique and special food products on the market. Beautiful, delicious and versatile edible hibiscus flowers. You will love the vibrant crimson color and mixed-berry type flavor. Perfect for your next dinner party or special occasion (or just as an excuse to crack open the bubbly!). Adds a touch of class to many food dishes, cocktails and other beverages. With a long shelf life, keep a jar handy in your pantry.

  • A beautifully presented jar containing whole Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup.
  • Available in 11-flower jars (250g/8.8 oz Net) and 50-flower jars (1000g/2.5Lb Net) – perfect for larger parties and weddings.
  • Create something unique with both the flowers and syrup from the jar.

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg / 2.42 lb
Dimensions7 × 7 × 8 cm (W x D x H)
2.76 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches (W x D x H)

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