Grenadine-Hibiscus syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

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Brand Monsieur Cocktail

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Sour, the real pomegranate molasses had a unique aroma that will elevate the flavors of your favorite cocktails. Monsieur Cocktail’s grenadine brings a floral side with the addition of hibiscus flowers, allowing you to mix it with tequila and even whisky.

The Monsieur Cocktail Grenadine syrup will make you appreciate even more all your Shirley Temples, Tequila sunrise and Sex on the beach. You can simply apply the 2:1:1 formula for a cocktail full of flavors: 2 oz of your favorite spirit, 1 oz of grenadine Monsieur Cocktail, and 1 oz of lime juice.

Ingredients: water, sugar, natural pomagranate juice, pomagranate molasses, lime, hibiscus flowers.

Bottled in Quebec City
500 ml bottle


250 ml

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