Espresso cup Sensis Plus – Eisch

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Brand Eisch

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Enjoy the unbelievably intensive and harmonic taste with the Eisch Sensis Plus Espresso Cup

With respect to complexity and fullness of aromas coffee beans certainly are equal to grapes in many ways. From this point of view it was only a small step to apply the successful Sensis Plus Glass TM technology for wine also to espresso. And the effect with espresso really is at least as impressive as it is with wine: The aromas in the espresso become more distinct, and the whole experience of taste becomes more harmonic, more intensive, and more three-dimensional. Too prominent bitterness or sharpness peaks are reduced and lose any unwanted dominance. However, the espresso is not changed in its structure and fully keeps its original character. The effect of the Breathable Glass furthermore makes the espresso more wholesome and even better tolerable for people with a sensitive stomach.

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