Nick & Nora cocktail glass – Riedel Bar

Model: 6417/05

Brand Riedel

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Nick & Nora glass from Riedel Barware’s collection. This glass makes it possible to savour the drink effortlessly and elegantly by delivering it perfectly to the mid-palate, so that you do not need to tilt your head back.

The Riedel Barware Drink Specific collection is made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris, answering the need for cocktail-specific glassware among restaurants and bars, and for cocktail enthusiasts at home with six glasses perfected for thousands of cocktails. Its 6 glasses are inspired of 7 classic cocktails : Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep.

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4.7 oz


153 mm

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