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Set of 3 Craft Beer Tasting Glasses - Spiegelau

Set of 3 Craft Beer Tasting Glasses - Spiegelau

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These glasses emphasize the pleasure of beer while remaining true to the spirit of Bavarian craftsmanship. All glasses are dishwasher safe. The tasting set includes 1 glass for each craft beer described below.

IPA glass
Spiegelau, Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada collaborated to create the very first glass specifically designed for American-style IPA beer.

Height: 7 1/4 inches
Capacity: 19 oz

Wheat beer / Witbier glass
Spiegelau and the award-winning Bell's brewery have collaborated to create a specific glass for American and Belgian wheat beer, the most popular beer variety in the world.

Height: 6 3/4 inches
Capacity: 26 oz

Stout beer glass
Spiegelau, Left Hand Brewing Company, and Rogue Ales have collaborated to create this ultimate glass specially crafted to enjoy a rich, dark Stout.

Height: 7 inches
Capacity: 21 oz